• Yangon
  • Located in South East Asia, Myanmar shares its borders with India and China in the north, Bangladesh in the east with Laos and Thailand in the east.

  • Capital of Myanmar is Nay Pyi Taw where the Government offices are located. Yangon and Mandalay are cities for business.

  • Official language spoken in Myanmar is Burmese.

  • The population of Myanmar is 49.7 million

  • Myanmar experiences 3 tropical seasons which is the wet season from May to October with heavy rain; the cool and dry period from November to February and March to April which is the dry period.

  • Electricity : 220 – 240 volts. Electricity outrage is common in Myanmar especially during the rainy season. It is recommended to keep candles or purchase inverters and generators where possible.

  • Housing : Popular residential areas are in Golden Valley, Bahan , Star City, Mayangong, Kamaryut, Sanchaung, Hlaing, South Okkalapa, Thingangyun , Dagon, Lanmadaw, Pabedan, Kyauktada and Pazundaung .

  • Although rent and deposits are widely paid in cash, there are landlords and/or his realtor who have an overseas account in Thailand or Singapore to allow for funds transfers. Typically rent is paid in full for the term of lease, you attempt to negotiate six (6) months instead.
    Most local landlords are unfamiliar with responsibilities within the tenancy agreement therefore it is prudent to work with referred realtors who has reliable handyman contacts to assist you.

  • Schools : There are more than 15 international schools including

    • Ayeyarwaddy International School, Mandalay
    • British School of Yangon
    • Dulwich College
    • Ecole Francaise Joseph Kessel De Yangon
    • Horizon International School
    • International School of Myanmar
    • Myanmar International School
    • Network International School
    • Yangon International School
    • The International School Yangon

  • Temporary accommodation includes serviced apartment as well as apartments that are not serviced.

  • Banking and Currency: The local currency is Kyat. Cash mainly. Money changers, banks and vendors accept only pristine US bills for exchange and must also have been printed after 2006. ATM accepts international cards and is available in major cities and tourist areas. Credit cards increasingly accepted by top-end hotels, restaurants and shops and can also be used in most ATM’s across the country.

  • Healthcare: The Myanmar International SOS clinic is recommended. For individuals requiring medical attention to fly to Bangkok which is an hour away.

  • Transportation: Public buses unfortunately are not visitor friendly. Taxis are affordable and aplenty unfortunately most do not speak English but can understand names of popular developments/roads.

  • Telephone: Country code +95. Credit to make phone calls and internet access is purchased through pre-paid cards. Top up cards from K1000 to K10,000 can be purchased all over the city. Most people uses three (3) sim cards to use depending on where they are in the country as coverage across the country varies based on location, service provider, cost of calls and data differs between operators and its packages.

  • Internet: Quite expensive and the speed is manageable for normal usage like checking emails, browsing the net and Skype call. Quality of service depends on location and research is highly advised before settling on a service provider.

  • Driving License : International license and other countries domestic license are not valid in Myanmar. You can apply for a Myanmar Driving License at Road Transport and Administration Department which is located in Nay Pyi Taw and the process takes about 1 month.

  • Immigration : There are 4 types of Visas:

    • Tourist Visa
      Allows for leisure purposes only and valid for three (3) months only.
    • Entry Visa
      Is similar to the tourist visa applicable for members of government agencies and individual with family ties in Myanmar
    • Business visa
      Valid for three (3) months for those with commercial interest in Myanmar
    • Multiple Journey Entry Visa
      Valid for six (6) months to one (1) year for those with commercial interest in Myanmar

  • There are 2 types of Work Permits:

    • Stay Permit
      Allows for a single trip to Myanmar with a stay of (3) months to one (1) year. If the individual leaves the country, a fresh application must be submitted.
    • Multi Re-Entry Permit
      This allows for one (1) year of work in Myanmar as well as international travel but the individual must have a valid stay permit at the same time.

  • Processing time : three (3) months for work permits.

• Is it safe to drink the water?
Do not drink tap water; it is not suitable for consumption. Do not use for cleaning teeth or contact lenses or first aid. You should use boiled or filtered water.

• How do I set up my bank account?
Yes, as part of our Settling In programme, we assist you to set up required bank accounts, providing you with essential knowledge on the local banking system and limitations.