• Christchurch
  • Wellington
  • New Zealand’s population is 4.471 million. The most populous cities being Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Capital is Wellington.

  • Official language spoken is English

  • Electricity : 240 volts and 50 hertz

  • Transportation: Most own cars, public transport is clean, safe and reliable.

  • Healthcare: New Zealand’s public and private hospitals provide high standard of healthcare.

  • Weather : New Zealand has 4 seasons which are the reverse of the Northern Hemisphere:

    • Spring, September to November
    • Summer, December to February
    • Autumn, March to May
    • Winter, June to August

  • Government: New Zealand follows the constitutional monarchy with parliamentary democracy.

  • Banking and Currency: New Zealand has international and local banks. The local currency is New Zealand Dollar (NZD)

  • Schools : New Zealand has an excellent school system as well as private schools

  • Housing: Typical lease term is 12 months. Landlords can ask up to two (2) weeks rent in advance. A bond of up to 4 weeks rent alike a security deposit is required and is recommended to be held by MBIE (Ministry Business Innovation and Employment) and not the landlord. If you lease the property via a realtor, a letting fee of 1 week’s rent will apply.

  • Driving license: Expat can legally drive in New Zealand for up to 12 months with his/her current driver's license from home country or an International Driving Permit (IDP). If the license is not fully written in English, it is required to present an English translated copy of the license or obtain an IDP. After 12 months it is required to convert to a New Zealand license.

  • Work permits and Visas: In order for a foreigner to legally work in New Zealand, there are three work visa categories;

    • the Essential Skills Work Visa for local hires by a New Zealand-based employer;
    • the Specific Purpose or Event Work Visa applicable to highly-skilled workers working on projects;
    • Work to Residence (Talent) Visa for local hires working on an ongoing project with a New Zealand-based employer. Visas can be issued for up to three to five years on each application, depending on the skill level of the occupation.

• Are spouses allowed to work?
Depending on the type of visa, spouses may work in New Zealand. First they should check with the local governing body to ensure that their overseas qualifications are recognised in New Zealand, or whether further training will be required to comply with local standards etc.

• May I bring my pets?
The country of origin and where the pet is coming from will determine the time required in quarantine and the vaccinations required. Local councils do have regulations about the number of domestic pets that may be kept and some are required to pay an annual registration fee.